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Watching Africa Awaken

Watching Africa Awaken

A breathtaking beginning to a new day…

You wake with a smile, stirred by the rich aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. A silver tray waits by the tent flap. Still rubbing sleep from your eyes, you step out into the new day, hot coffee in hand.

The sky is a vivid, cloudless blue. The sun is just emerging, and the dew on the tall savannah grass glimmers golden in the light.

In the branches above you, exotic birds sing their morning songs into the crisp, fresh air. In front of you a river moves steadily along, speckled by light. A few hippos laze in the water, chortling and splashing. The new sun warms your face.

You sigh contentedly, sit on your private deck and sip your coffee, waking up with Africa.