Incomparable Safari Experiences

Sleeping under the Stars

Sleeping under the Stars

A perfect end to a remarkable day in an incomparable land...

The only sound is the gentle rippling of the river below. Under moonlight, the broad landscape unfolds before you, capped with a dome of stars. You curl up, warm in your Star Bed.

The Star Bed is a handcrafted, raised platform, partially covered with a thatched roof. The platform is situated in complete seclusion, providing an experience that is thrillingly unique.

When you’re ready to retire, your four-poster bed is wheeled onto the open deck and swathed in gossamer mosquito netting. This is pure open-air elegance, an immersive and unmatched African experience.

You lie down beneath a ceiling of equatorial night sky, and the layers upon layers of stars glitter above you as you slide into dreams.