Incomparable Safari Experiences

At Home in a Legendary Land

At Home in a Legendary Land

Travelling not just with a company… but in the company of a real family.

When you arrive in East Africa, you’ll be invited for a welcome dinner at the home of Felix and Jane Pinto—founders of Micato. If you are going to South Africa don’t fret, our Africa connections run deep, and you’ll be asked to dine at the home of our family friends.

You're greeted and welcomed as old friends. Cocktails are served, and pleasant conversation fills the air. Candlelight flickers over the linen-covered tables, and a familial warmth suffuses the room.

Then, the feast begins. The flavours of each dish dance on your palate, a delightful introduction to the culinary excellence that awaits you on safari.

Over the course of the meal, stories are told, laughs are plentiful, and friendships are kindled. Micato Safaris is a family-run company, and we think of you as part of the clanyou leave dinner feeling like you have a home in this strange new land. This is African hospitality at its finest.