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A Graduation Event in the Birthplace of Humanity

A Graduation Event in the Birthplace of Humanity

Micato travellers often muse over why they've chosen a luxurious safari as a graduation trip for their child or grandchild. Many mention reasons we hadn't ever considered. A blend of grand ideals and introspective motivations. Educational objectives with lessons of humanity, even humility, to enhance a four year education in compelling ways.

Of course, a sweeping safari is also a magnificent gesture of a graduation gift that's hard to surpass! While a jaunt around Italy is delightful and a cruise is pure pleasure, an African safari offers a grander and possibly life-changing experience. Moreover, it contains all the right ingredients for this unique time in a graduate's life: it's exotic, far-flung, exciting, adventurous and just plain fun!

But there's more. Africa is, after all, the birthplace of humanity. The stage for the greatest wildlife miracle on earth. A land of tribal peoples unchanged over ageless millennia. An inner journey into one's relationship with such wonders. Powerful stuff for those on the brink of embracing the world.... Family time in such a setting is also priceless. When will be the next opportunity to do something so extraordinary?

With engaging activities and few distractions, a safari is a chance to unplug the external and reconnect with each other. (We can also choose locations with no text messaging reception!) Finally, the pinnacle of an African sojourn is a chance to see the wondrous work being done by our nonprofit arm, AmericaShare, with children and women's groups in the slum. It's joyful, heartbreaking, enlightening, fabulous, poignant and amazing. Appreciation will be a word never used lightly again. Your graduate might even meet his African counterparts in AmericaShare's recent graduates who help at the Center.

Celebrate the momentous occasional of a graduation with the momentous occasion of Africa.

Planning a graduation celebration for someone else? We even offer a Gift Registry so everyone can chip in to give a graduation safari as a fabulous surprise gift.

Sound good?  Call us at 1-800-MICATO-1 to discuss the possibilities.  Or send us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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