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The Stanley Wing Safari

Options & Extensions for Family to Family Safari

Ballooning in Maasai Mara

It is not surprising that this elegant form of aerial travel has become a part of so many travellers’ safaris and such a sought after luxury safari option. Dramatic and exhilarating, it offers a spectacular vantage point from which to view Kenya’s magnificence. You ascend in the early morning when the air is crisp and clear and conditions are ideal for ballooning. As dawn breaks over the horizon, throwing light and shadow across the land, the drama of life in the wild unfolds below you. You drift serenely over the great herds. Birds of prey swoop past. Elephants and giraffe cast a curious glance your way. As you float above the splendour of Kenya, you will see it anew from your lofty perspective. The beauty of the wilderness as seen from the early morning African sky is an unparalleled experience we strongly recommend. Upon your descent, you will celebrate with a sumptuous Champagne Breakfast, served on the plains which you just so recently overlooked from your scenic perch high above.
This soaring journey is available as an option in the Maasai Mara.

One spectacular morning: $480