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We Always Knew We Had the World’s Greatest Guides. National Geographic Traveler Agrees.

  • May 2nd 2011

We are proud as punch, but not surprised, that our Safari Director Kennedy Omwenga was featured as one of the world’s greatest guides in the 2011 May/June issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. In the full article, called “50 Tours of a Lifetime”, NG Traveler acknowledged the complex role of the consummate guide:

“Where once they were walking encyclopedias, today’s great guides are often a little like life coaches, asking questions to help you get the most out of your trip and pushing you out of your comfort zone.”

This is a fact for modern Safari Directors even more so than for any other kind of guide. For most of our guests, a journey to Africa means going halfway around the globe. When one is travelling so far away from all that is familiar, a truly great Safari Director is doubly important.

Your Micato Safaris Guide is not only an expert on all things Africa, he is also an expert on you, and will make it a point to meet all your needs and more – he’ll advise you of the right things to do and say upon entering a Kisii village, encourage you to taste that particular unfamiliar local dish that he knows you’ll like, and stand beside you as you board a hot-air balloon (knowing that, with your fear of heights, this is the growing experience of a lifetime). He is part grizzled backcountry pro, part streetwise local, part encyclopedia, and all friend.

This is true of Kennedy, and true of all of our treasured Safari Directors. We extend our full congratulations to Kennedy and the Omwenga family, for the honor of being featured in National Geographic Traveler, which has the largest audience of any travel magazine. See you in the bush!

You can read Kennedy Omwenga’s words here.