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A Once in a Lifetime Celestial Event in Africa!

  • January 13th 2010

For a moment in time—over eight minutes, in fact—people in Africa this week will see something rare and spectacular: an annular solar eclipse.

According to the NASA website, on January 15, 2010 an annular eclipse of the sun will be visible in Kenya as well as other parts of Africa. During an annular solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sun, leaving only a small ring (or annulus) of light.  It will be the longest such eclipse of this century, so professional and amateur astronomers are understandably excited.

That includes Micato’s Safari Directors. In preparation for the big event, they have become armchair experts in this sort of thing—adding to their already encyclopedic knowledge in a variety of subjects. Guests on all our East African safaris will be treated to a once in a lifetime celestial show, in addition to the astounding wildlife show they can expect on the savannahs.

While Micato would like to take credit for arranging yet another special event exclusively for Micato travellers, this time we have to thank Mother Nature!

It is an exciting time in an extraordinary place.  (Be sure to wear your sunglasses!)