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Young Micato Traveller Olivia and South Africa "Hero" Rosie

Young Micato Traveller Olivia and South Africa “Hero” Rosie

From Micato’s first days in business nearly 50 years ago, we habitually spent time in Kenya’s schools and orphanages. These early visits were prelude to our founding AmericaShare in 1986 and creating the Lend a Helping Hand safari option, where travellers learn how our Harambee Centre is changing lives in the Mukuru slum. In South Africa, Micato guests visit the Khayelitsha Township outside Cape Town and meet Rosie, who wakes up at 3:30 a.m. daily to cook meals in her small kitchen for the neediest in her community.

For evidence that community visits impact our travellers, there’s no better example than 9-year old Olivia Berger, the youngest Micato guest ever to visit the Harambee Centre and Rosie’s Kitchen on two separate visits to Africa.

When Olivia and family visited the Harambee Centre a few years ago, she was overjoyed by the children of Mukuru, some of whom serenaded her in Swahili. And last summer, Olivia worked with Rosie, using some of her allowance to buy groceries for the kitchen. “These community experiences are teaching moments in your child’s life,” says Melissa Tucker Berger, Olivia’s mother. “It’s humbling to meet someone like Rosie, who has done so much for her community,” adding that “a safari from Micato is the pinnacle of luxury and we can’t say enough about it, but it’s really nice to have an option from Micato to do some good on a vacation like this.”

Berger knew Olivia would cherish her time with Rosie long after coming home, which is why she wasn’t too surprised when Olivia created a photo essay for school that reads in part “My time being with Rosie was a wonderful experience. She is a hero for her town in South Africa.”

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    1. Sayydah Garrett says:

      Kudos and blessings to Micato for their charitable offerings and by bringing Olivia and Rosie together. Stories like this one are so heartwarming and a good reminder that there are caring people amongst us. Peace.

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