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It happened this week:  a sudden spike in brochure requests and calls had us wondering if the Holiday Turkey Effect goes beyond mere post-Thanksgiving sleepiness.  Could it be that it awakens a desire to travel?

A closer look revealed something even better.  The holiday elves at Bing featured Travel+Leisure’s recent article “15 Life-Changing Trips” that highlighted Micato’s popular tree-planting initiative—a favourite with guests.  Plus, we have other ways that travellers can make a difference, even before they set foot in Kenya.  Thoughtful ways to assist include donating a book to the new library we’re building in one of Kenya’s most impoverished areas—with a $10 donation.  Or for something with a really big impact, sponsor an orphaned child to attend boarding school for a year (or more!).  Micato’s AmericaShare foundation offers a number of opportunities to join our work, and at costs that fit every holiday budget.  Read about How We Give Back or visit AmericaShare to learn more.

A wonderful start to the holiday season— Travel+Leisure and Bing’s mentions of Micato’s volunteer opportunities had our phones lit up like a Christmas tree!

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