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Safari Clothing

Safari Clothing

Safari clothing should be comfortable and casual—suffice it to say, any fine jewellery should be left at home. And while it’s not actually necessary to dress like an old safari hand, you won’t feel out of place if you do since that’s the everyday attire of the locals—i.e., the present-day “old safari hands” whose great-grandparents moved to Africa from England and points beyond. Plus, there are valid reasons to do so.

Wearing white on your African safari increases your visibility to wildlife, while bright colors, particularly red, can frighten animals. (It is said that lions fear red because it is the color worn by the Maasai, who hunt lion as a part of their coming of age rituals.) Khaki, olive, tans and browns increase your chances of good game viewing (particularly on a walking safari), while offering the added advantage of concealing dirt and dust. Not to mention that all of those pockets on safari shirts, vests and jackets are infinitely useful in the bush!

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