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African Splendour

African Splendour

Options & Extensions

ballooning-new-thumbBallooning in Maasai Mara
It is not surprising that this elegant form of aerial travel has become a part of so many travellers’ safaris. Dramatic and exhilarating, it offers a spectacular vantage point from which to view Kenya’s magnificence.



mountain-gorilla-thumbRwanda Gorilla Tracking
The soft mists prevail here as they did when Dian Fossey wrote her legendary book Gorillas in the Mist. And the creatures that drew Dr. Fossey are the same ones which beckon to us: rare and endangered Mountain Gorillas.


Two-boys-with-two-men-travellersLend a Helping Hand
Every Micato traveller is given the opportunity to change the course of a life. We invite guests to spend an extra day in Nairobi and visit one of our AmericaShare projects in the slums, learn of the challenges, meet the orphaned and vulnerable children and be inspirited to help.


Zanzibar. Its perfumed air caresses travellers with scents of the spices that have grown in abundance throughout the island since time began. Exotic and enchanting, this Indian Ocean isle allures travellers with a personality and pace all its own—just a short hop from mainland Tanzania, but a world away on your luxury travel in Africa.