The Micato Bespoke Collection - Singita

Adventurous and Active

Some travellers seek a more vigorous African sojourn. These adventurous souls crave adrenaline, and seek to push the experience—whatever it might be—to the limit. We have created exhilarating safaris with these intrepid explorers in mind.


You might canoe through waterways of the Okavango Delta, heli-fish in high altitude lakes, or flightsee in an 1920s-style bi-plane. The bevy of unique places and experiences available will captivate the active traveller.


Seldom Seen Africa

Hemingway Wing



Elephant Back
South Africa Sojourn


Conservation Safari

riding bikes with Masai

Leakey Excavations

A Graduation Event
in the Birthplace
of Humanity

Active Africa