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African Splendour

It's All in the People

The reasons to go on a Micato safari are many, but they all seem to come back to one thing: our people. Our guests have told us countless stories about individuals on our staff who helped make their safari unforgettable.

Usually it's the little things. How their safari director not only knew their birthday, but their favourite flavour of ice cream. Or how their concierge had a safari outfit waiting for them at the hotel when their luggage was delayed at the airport. Perhaps it was how their driver drove an extra hour to find that elusive leopard, the one whose picture now hangs above the fireplace back home.

At Micato, we don't simply want to respond to a guest's request; we want to anticipate their needs. We want to make them feel at home when they are thousands of miles away; to take "above and beyond" higher and farther. This is our commitment, and it can be seen in the actions of our friendly and helpful staff every day, on every safari.

Each member of our team is dedicated to providing superlative service—from our Micato safari guides to our safari directors, driver guides and concierges to safari planning specialists and the Pintos themselves. And all of us are empowered to make sure that our guests' experience is delightful in every way.

Our people are the reason guests consistently rate us the "World's Best." They are the difference between an average safari…and a Micato safari.