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African Splendour

A Long Family History

For Felix and Jane Pinto, Africa is home. As second generation Kenyans, Felix and Jane Pinto both grew up appreciating the sweeping savannahs, the stunning wildlife and the friendly people of their East African homeland, and the unequalled beauty of the African continent has always warmed their hearts.

Felix was a ranking member of the ex-British Kenyan government; Jane was a table tennis champion. They married and started farming on the family’s rambling acreage outside Nairobi—a successful enterprise with prize-winning animals that was even featured in the American edition of Geo magazine.

However, sharing the haunting splendour of Africa was a temptation too great to resist. So, in 1966 Felix and Jane started a safari company in Kenya.

Micato Safaris has seen many changes since those early days—what was once a true mom-and-pop operation has expanded to include employees on three continents. As it has always been, though, Micato is a family affair specializing in luxury East and Southern Africa safaris, with an emphasis on making our guests feel like family.

Today, the proud, three-generation safari tradition lives on: Micato USA’s managing director in New York is the Pintos’ son, Dennis. His sister, Anna, and his wife Joy are also executives of Micato USA, and cousin Alan Lobo is Micato’s COO. Even Felix and Jane’s grandchildren are becoming old safari hands!

Travel+Leisure wrote that Micato treats guests like "well-loved, out-of-town relatives." When you travel with Micato, you’re not just travelling with a company—you’re travelling in the company of a real family.