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African Splendour

Our Sustainability Ethos

The future of Africa is extremely important to Micato. After all, it is not just a destination to us… it is our home. The Pinto family has lived in Kenya for three generations, and we have been practicing and advocating sustainable tourism since Micato was founded. More recently, we have developed five strategic principles along with several of our partners. These principles help to guide us in our conservation and sustainability efforts:

I - Dedication & Commitment
We are dedicated to the concept and practice of thoughtful and responsible adventure travel, and are committed to setting an example for the travel industry as a whole.

II - Clear Definition
We have a clearly-defined strategy regarding accountability, transparency, and best travel practices.

III - Engaging with Local Communities
We are accountable to the local communities in the regions in which we travel, and actively engage with and create programs to foster sustainable, authentic preservation of those communities.

IV - Education of Travellers
We are dedicated to educating our travellers on the best cultural and ecological practices.

V  - Accountability
We hold ourselves accountable for upholding responsible travel principles throughout our safaris.

In short, we are proud to take a stewardship role in this land we love. Micato Safaris is committed to protecting Africa: the breathtaking landscapes, the remarkable creatures and cultures. The Pinto Family wants all future generations—including the many Pintos to come—to experience the wild beauty and majesty of the land they call home.