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African Splendour


World's Best, Nine Times. Wow.

To be named a "World's Best Safari Outfitter" by Travel + Leisure is something to which all tour companies aspire. Travel companies toil for years hoping to merely make the list of the top ten World's Best.

To actually win the award  to be named #1 on the list of the World's Best companies  is a stunning achievement, surpassing all others.

To win the award nine times, however, is simply unprecedented.

That’s exactly what Micato has done. We have been the Travel+Leisure #1 “World’s Best Safari Outfitter” nine times. A truly humbling honour.

We are especially gratified because the award is determined by a poll of the magazine’s readers – people who have actually travelled with Micato, and then taken the time to visit the magazine’s website and rate their trip with us.

Interesting to note: For eight years, Micato held the double title of #1 "World's Best Tour Operator and Safari Outfitter." As of 2012, however, safari outfitters and tour operators were given separate categories  perhaps because Micato had locked up the double-title for eight years!

Icing on the cake for us this year is that Micato has also been inducted into Travel + Leisure's brand-new World's Best Awards Hall of Fame, established only for winners who have been on the World’s Best list for at least a decade.

What better testament of our services could one ask for!?

At Micato, we do our absolute utmost to ensure that our guests have an unsurpassed travel experience, which is why this award is so meaningful. It’s an inspirational acknowledgement that we’ve succeeded in our highest endeavours to be the very best. We’re proud of that.

You can trust, however, that we’ll never sit back on our laurels. In fact, we'll work even harder to meet and surpass the even higher expectations of travellers brought about by our nine-year tenure of this prestigious award….

And it’s our great pleasure to do so!